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If you were to ask my closest friends to give you a sentence or two describing me, they would probably tell you, “Ivy over thinks almost everything because she cares too much, but when she lets go, she is one of the funniest, most loving, accepting people I know, always making me laugh, sometimes till I cry.” Knowing that is how my best friends think of me, makes me feel confident in the way I present myself. I always tell people that I try to fall in love with a little piece of each person I meet, because I think everyone deserves to feel seen. I will always work hard in anything I do, and that means I will always be the hardest working actor in the room. There are many things I learned from my college director, but that one is probably the most important and my favorite.

I have a very versatile look, as well as a very broad appreciation for all kinds of film and theatre and TV. I can be the young teenage daughter dealing with highschool drama. I can be the love interest in a romcom, or the fun single lady who hates men. I can be the girl next door, or the scary creepy ghost girl. I love dramatic pieces because, if it’s a story worth telling, a drama can be very compelling and possibly change someone's life because of a thought provoked. But, I also love comedy, because making people laugh in the midst of hardships, can be just what someone needs that day. I love horror and suspense because I grew up watching those types of movies with my dad, and are some of the best memories I have with him.  I love action flics because I love movement pieces. I also have a great look for commercials because I am bubbly and fresh looking. I am also an animation voice actor with an abundance of voices ranging from little girls and boys all the way to old grandmother voices. I have studied accents, and plan to continue to study more. I have always loved playing with voices, walking around the house talking to my dogs and my friends pretending to be different people. There is something so freeing about voice acting.

I am a singer, songwriter, and while that definitely helps my acting abilities and career, it is far more to me than just that. It’s a part of me, a safe place for me to go when I don't have the words. Since moving to Los Angeles from a small town in the county of San Luis Obispo California, I had the opportunity to write and produce two songs for a movie still in production called “A Chance Before Hell” by Rick Vargas. I also was cast in a movie of his called, “Death critic,” but due to covid, filming has been postponed longer than anticipated. You can find those credits on my IMDB.

Aside from acting and singing, there are so many things I love to do. It's hard to describe them in a few short sentences, but I will try. I started dancing when I was just two years old, and while there were some health setbacks where I had to quit dance and both soccer and basketball for quite a few years, I never let it deter me from trying again when I was healthy and able. And while I will never be a professional in them, they are a great way to release energy and express emotion for me. Traveling is also something so important to me, and I am forever thankful to grow up in a time that travel is more accessible than ever before. I didn’t grow up with lots of money, so working hard, saving my money, and getting to travel the world has opened my mind to more than I could put to words. A goal of mine is to at least touch every continent. I think it's pretty doable, except for maybe Antarctica, but what can you do about it? I love animals, helping people, being in nature and baking, and so much more. But, as I said, it's so hard to describe everything I love in a few sentences, but I gave it my best.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my “about me” and will take a few minutes to check out my socials, and keep up with me on my journey! I’d love to share with you all I will be doing this year and the years to come. Thanks for stopping by!

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